17 March 2009


God’s Own country. That’s how the Kerala Tourism Development Corporation catches all its tourists to their beautiful backwaters and serine beaches. The state is not just famous for tourism, banana chips, and greenery . Of late political killings have wrecked a northern town of kerala. Many outsiders would not have heard the name of Kannur or cannanore as it was once called. Kerala was the first state to elect a communist government in the year 1957. Apart from the communists the other establishment that rules the state is the congress led UDF. Like DMK, ADMK in Tamil Nadu both LDF and UDF keeps ruling the state alternatively.

The Bharatiya Janata party has been a slow starter in the state but has got good influence in many pockets of the state. These include Palghat, Kasargod, Trivandrum and parts of Kannur. The entire team of RSS, BJP and other sangh parivar outfits exhibit a rare unity in fighting the political opponents. Today the fight between right wing and left wing has come to such dangerous proportions that peaceful life is beyond anybody’s dream in the region of Kannur and Thalaserry.

Every week there are major clashes between the two wings. The clashes are then followed by hartals declared by the parties and curfew orders by the police. The entire state machinery has virtually collapsed in controlling this blood path. One can find the cruelty by just typing Kannur violence in google images. Talks mediated between the two groups by the state administration have yielded a big zero. No human whoever it may be and whatsoever his ideology be, can never encourage or bear this violence which has claimed so many lives.

One more interesting fact about all these clashes are that the people who are killed are daily wage labourers and petty workers. They might be just workers of the party without any serious involvement. But they are killed to equal the other side’s loss. Both the LDF and UDF are turning a blind eye to this violence. Except for the local media, the national media which calls itself secular is silent. The so called Human right activists also never bother to visit or talk about human right to live in non-BJP ruled states.

Some body in the higher echelons of power needs to say that enough is enough before a foreigner says god’s own country has devil’s own people.


Other day I was watching cartoon network for a change. Tom and jerry, Laurel and Haurdy were all crossing my minds. Flipped the channels to see news. I was continuously reminded about elections and that, apart from Shri Advani and incumbent Prime minister Dr Manmohan Singh, there are a whole lot of serious contenders for the coveted post.

Shri Sharad Pawar has openly said that the nation needs to have a PM from Maharashtra. He could have still bluntly said that he wants to be PM at any cost. Then I realized that he still has to complete seat sharing talks with INC, contest and win elections and his party should have respectable number of MPs to threaten third front or congress to make him prime minister.

Going from west to east, I stumbled at Shri Ram vilas Paswan who heads his party Lok Jan shakti which has a reasonable representation from dalits only in the state of Bihar. Taking this to his advantage he has been sliding either with NDA or UPA, much like shri Ramdoss of PMK. Needless to say he has been union minister for quite some time. He can never contest elections individually knowing well the fact that he can never win except for a few negligible seats. So he has placed the motion that a Dalit needs to head the next government and that he is the best man for the post.

Not very far him is another winner of social engineering concept Ms Mayawati. The state of UP is the highest contributor to Lok sabha. The major contribution of UPto the nation starts and ends here only. The slogan “Road to delhi is through UP” is always valid. Having come to power in the state by a huge margin all alone, she knows that her party is definitely the king maker. So her party men have already started the campaign for the post of PM on her behalf. The third front leaders can’t make any noise at this stage knowing well that the much hyped front will be a zero if she deserts.

Down south things are lazy. The state of TN which was king maker in 2004 is yet to firm up alliances. No body knows where PMK is heading for? Even Mr Ramdoss doesn’t know for himself. So Ms Jayalalithaa has been pretty mute in her demand. She has informed the media that this issue will be decided after elections. Then everybody will know where exactly all the political parties have switched sides.

So my suggestion is, Let us have one Prime Minister and 04 deputy Prime ministers as follows
Prime Minister : ……………..

Deputy PM(North) : Kumari Mayawati
Deputy PM(East) : Shri Ram Vilas Paswan
Deputy PM(South) : Ms J Jayalalithaa
Deputy PM(West) : Shri Sharad Pawar

Any more contenders..

No problem. Indian railways has been mercilessly divided into various zones like central, south central, North western etc. So there are enough zones, vacancies and contenders.


The secular media of the nation would have blasted off if such a thing was attempted by the other Modi(Gujarat CM). The whole issue of staging the IPL at this crucial junction is more than a controversy not required at this stage. None need to explain the fact that the nation is involved in a mammoth exercise of conducting elections from Himalayas to Kanyakumari and kutch to the land of rising sun. This huge exercise involving scores of political parties, leaders and crores of workers is huge by any standards. Remember we are the world’s biggest democracy and need to take pride in participating these elections. Successful conduct of elections peacefully is a key to the nation’s development.

I understand that we are a nation mad about cricket. True if cricket is my religion, sachin is my god. Wonderful if he hits a six against shane warne. No doubt, IPL was a block buster last year. The success is not just because of BCCI, spectators or the franchises. There are thousands of people who are working behind the scenes and never get the due credit or any monetary benefits. Yes iam talking about the security personnel of this country. Be it the armed forces, para military or the state police, they spend tireless days and sleepless nights for us.

Has Mr Modi ever thought of a day’s life of our security personnel. Apart from his routine office work in his police station he now needs to go for the election security. There is no timing for his duty. He comes hours before Sonia, Advani or Lalu come to the stage and leaves the place only after they leave. He stands in the hot sun hours together. No body bothers about his food, water and nature calls. He has to manage everything by himself. And on top of everything you want a series of cricket matches in the middle. Give him some rest man. He is also a human being like us. Sitting in a Air conditioned room you decide the schedule . Putting matches before and after elections just cannot solve this problem. Do I need to explain you that the terrorists can strike at any given place at any given time in the entire world. Of course see for yourself the Mumbai carnage and its aftermath. We are helplessly issuing statements against the Pakistani establishment and flying between Delhi and Washington.

Is it worth to take a risk at this stage? Any untoward incident will again dent the nation’s confidence and will be a huge loss not just for you but for our future cricket in India. We have to keep playing in neutral venues like Pakistan. The cascading effect will be felt on Commonwealth games due after a year. I really sympathize that your financial losses will be huge. But look at BCCI coffers. You are the richest board and your IPL is also recession proof. So let’s have IPL after some time. Putting the nation’s image at stake just for your monetary benefits is not a good option.

8 March 2009

India’s troublesome neighborhood

India’s big brother role in the whole of south Asian subcontinent is becoming weak day by day. Our immediate neighbours are no more our friends. Very soon the nation can expect trouble from all these tiny nations. There is no need to explain about Pakistan. Every lay man in this country knows that we will have sleepless nights in the coming years.

Bangladesh’s political volatility is another headache. With sheikh hasina at the helm things looked better. But not after the deadly mutiny by Bangladesh Rifles which killed 80 army officers. Now the enemity between the two armed forces can go beyond the government’s control at the drop of a hat. Still worst is the fact that the death threat to Sheikh hasina.ISI is working overtime for her elimination. Such a nightmare would be a blow to the Indian dreams too.

Srilanka is not a dependable neighbour. If someone feels that it is listening politely to the Indian government, do have a rethink. They are not dependent on us for military equipments. They have good friendship with Pakistan and china. They provide much better weapons than what india provides. Pertinent to mention the point that Pakistan provided tons of arms and ammunitions from its reserves even during kargil war. Sri lanka even toured Pakistan till the famous 3/3 Lahore attack. But with no serious fatalities, the friendship is still high. Pakistan knows that the elimination of tigers from the lankan nation has strategic effects. It will be easy for Lankan Navy and Pakistan Navy to share strategic naval facilities and army bases which may come up in the erstwhile stronghold of LTTE. Now the whole of south India will be within its easy reach.

Nepal was the biggest insulator which India had between its boundary and china. But when the Hindu republic was shocked with a bloody in palace killings, little did people realize that more drama was to unfold later. The Maoists came to join the democratic process and formed the government too. Usually the prime minister of Nepal visits India first on his first overseas tour. But this time prachanda visited China. Now this Nepal government has also become pseudo secular. It hardly bothers about hindus and the controversy in pasupathinath temple is a shining example. So Nepal is no more in our control.

China has always been a threat, but is still cautious with India. It believes India can defend well alone incase of war unlike 1962 where it had nothing to defend. China is also well aware that US and other European countries are backing India to take on the Chinese threat. So the reason for china’s all weather friendship with Pakistan can well be understood. Its military might still gives butterflies in the Indian tummies. But we are the biggest headache for this asian big brother.

Myanmar is often not in the news. The military junta still listens to Indian advice and has acted upon the ULFA and some other northeast insurgent groups. This is the only reason why, India the biggest democracy is silent on democracy in Myanmar.

Bhutan is the only consolation for time being. This tiny nation is the true friend and we should be more than happy to help them for their needs.

Whoever forms the government post 2009 elections have a tough external task. Hope our citizens realize these facts and vote accordingly.

7 March 2009

Vijay Mallya wins bid

Everbody in the nation is elated over the fact that gandhji's items are going to come back to india.

But little people realize that those items were bought by a man who is the liquor baron of the country.This is the biggest irony in this whole story.Iam happy that vijay maalya has once again done the job of saving the nation's history.

If gandhiji is alive ,I am sure he would be disappointed over the fact that the money indian's spent on buying kingfisher beer and Mc Dowell's whisky helped us to save his treasures.

Moral of the story:

No prohibition please.. else we cant save the nation's history