17 March 2009


God’s Own country. That’s how the Kerala Tourism Development Corporation catches all its tourists to their beautiful backwaters and serine beaches. The state is not just famous for tourism, banana chips, and greenery . Of late political killings have wrecked a northern town of kerala. Many outsiders would not have heard the name of Kannur or cannanore as it was once called. Kerala was the first state to elect a communist government in the year 1957. Apart from the communists the other establishment that rules the state is the congress led UDF. Like DMK, ADMK in Tamil Nadu both LDF and UDF keeps ruling the state alternatively.

The Bharatiya Janata party has been a slow starter in the state but has got good influence in many pockets of the state. These include Palghat, Kasargod, Trivandrum and parts of Kannur. The entire team of RSS, BJP and other sangh parivar outfits exhibit a rare unity in fighting the political opponents. Today the fight between right wing and left wing has come to such dangerous proportions that peaceful life is beyond anybody’s dream in the region of Kannur and Thalaserry.

Every week there are major clashes between the two wings. The clashes are then followed by hartals declared by the parties and curfew orders by the police. The entire state machinery has virtually collapsed in controlling this blood path. One can find the cruelty by just typing Kannur violence in google images. Talks mediated between the two groups by the state administration have yielded a big zero. No human whoever it may be and whatsoever his ideology be, can never encourage or bear this violence which has claimed so many lives.

One more interesting fact about all these clashes are that the people who are killed are daily wage labourers and petty workers. They might be just workers of the party without any serious involvement. But they are killed to equal the other side’s loss. Both the LDF and UDF are turning a blind eye to this violence. Except for the local media, the national media which calls itself secular is silent. The so called Human right activists also never bother to visit or talk about human right to live in non-BJP ruled states.

Some body in the higher echelons of power needs to say that enough is enough before a foreigner says god’s own country has devil’s own people.

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