5 June 2009


Every time I hear the name of Ajmal Kasab, my Blood pressure shoots up very badly.Not even a child in India needs a introduction about this terrorist,his blue t shirt and machine gun. He will not remember how many people he would have killed. Of course there is no need for him to keep a count. Today he can consider himself as the luckiest terrorist in the world.,better than Osama Bin Laden who has to hide in mountains and dens as a democratically elected government is treating this terrorist as its state guest.

In the name of democracy,judiciary and fair trail, the government has given him a lawyer to defend. I cant understand what ajmal kasab and his lawyer have to defend? Are they going to say that some impersonation has taken place, he is not the man shown in the picture, and police have made a wrong arrest.One shocking fact is that the lawyer is paid a whooping 50,000 or 5000 rupees fees per month/per day as per media reports. Kasab's lawyer seems to have taught kasab the trick of the judiciary trade. He is now buying time very well. Just see the way his case is progressing. He declares in court that he is a juvenile. Then the onus was back on the government to prove that he is a matured adult and that he need not be tried under the children's act.Even DNA test was carried out to prove that he is an adult. But even if he is a child, nothing should stop the court from giving this child the death sentence for having done 100's of cold blooded murders and waging war against the nation.

Ajmal keeps demanding that he needs some cosmetics, newspapers, books etc. I hope the government does not go the extra mile to provide him his wish list in the name of humanitarian assistance.The expenditure on the tax payers money is the worst. The government has built a tunnel in arthur jail costing few crores. And crores of rupees are spent just to protect this ediot. The latest news is that he is giving smiles on many witnesses and prosecutors. Its pretty clear that ajmal kasab is laughing at the Indian government,its citizens and judiciary.


After few months of arguments and counter arguments, the lower court may award him death sentence.I am sure kasab will argue that he is a pakistan national and that he cant be tried in india under indian laws. He may also argue that he must be tried as prisoner of war and be handed over to Pakistan. The very next step which he is likely to do after receiving the death sentence will be to appeal in the higher courts like mumbai high court and the supreme court. The moment he takes this route he will spend nothing less than a year in indian jail virtually not undergoing the punishment he deserves. Dont be surprised if Arundathi roay and her band of human right activists sit in front of the supreme court asking for cancellation of death sentence in the name of human rights.


The final salvo that may happen is his mercy petition to the President of India. The president will forward it to the government and our home minister Mr Chidambaram will say that" Ajmal Kasab is in Q. He is next to Afzal Guru. His number is 29. Decision on previous 28 people have to be taken . Why did NDA which was in power did nothing to take action against the previous death punishments?.He may also include that BJP is trying to paint a communal color in this issue."

I get irritated so much whenever i hear these type of arguments from our Home minister. One last thing that may also happen is that afzal guru and ajmal kasab can be room mates in a jail and can share their experiences. Well they can write their experiences and publish a book.Had the companions of kasab knew that such a royal treatment is given in Indian jails, they too would have surrendered after their killing spree.

Iam sure that the terrorist elements in Pakistan will change their strategy from now. Why should they sacrifice their life unnecessarily when their chances of living a peacefull life is high after the terrorist attack. Anyway they know that the Indian state is neither capable of taking action against the terrorists nor against Pakistan which is home to them.

God , please help my country and our politicians

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  1. I share your views. Today, 1st November, almost 5 months after your post, but still finality has not been attained.

    Shame on our Political system and will to contain terrorism