8 March 2009

India’s troublesome neighborhood

India’s big brother role in the whole of south Asian subcontinent is becoming weak day by day. Our immediate neighbours are no more our friends. Very soon the nation can expect trouble from all these tiny nations. There is no need to explain about Pakistan. Every lay man in this country knows that we will have sleepless nights in the coming years.

Bangladesh’s political volatility is another headache. With sheikh hasina at the helm things looked better. But not after the deadly mutiny by Bangladesh Rifles which killed 80 army officers. Now the enemity between the two armed forces can go beyond the government’s control at the drop of a hat. Still worst is the fact that the death threat to Sheikh hasina.ISI is working overtime for her elimination. Such a nightmare would be a blow to the Indian dreams too.

Srilanka is not a dependable neighbour. If someone feels that it is listening politely to the Indian government, do have a rethink. They are not dependent on us for military equipments. They have good friendship with Pakistan and china. They provide much better weapons than what india provides. Pertinent to mention the point that Pakistan provided tons of arms and ammunitions from its reserves even during kargil war. Sri lanka even toured Pakistan till the famous 3/3 Lahore attack. But with no serious fatalities, the friendship is still high. Pakistan knows that the elimination of tigers from the lankan nation has strategic effects. It will be easy for Lankan Navy and Pakistan Navy to share strategic naval facilities and army bases which may come up in the erstwhile stronghold of LTTE. Now the whole of south India will be within its easy reach.

Nepal was the biggest insulator which India had between its boundary and china. But when the Hindu republic was shocked with a bloody in palace killings, little did people realize that more drama was to unfold later. The Maoists came to join the democratic process and formed the government too. Usually the prime minister of Nepal visits India first on his first overseas tour. But this time prachanda visited China. Now this Nepal government has also become pseudo secular. It hardly bothers about hindus and the controversy in pasupathinath temple is a shining example. So Nepal is no more in our control.

China has always been a threat, but is still cautious with India. It believes India can defend well alone incase of war unlike 1962 where it had nothing to defend. China is also well aware that US and other European countries are backing India to take on the Chinese threat. So the reason for china’s all weather friendship with Pakistan can well be understood. Its military might still gives butterflies in the Indian tummies. But we are the biggest headache for this asian big brother.

Myanmar is often not in the news. The military junta still listens to Indian advice and has acted upon the ULFA and some other northeast insurgent groups. This is the only reason why, India the biggest democracy is silent on democracy in Myanmar.

Bhutan is the only consolation for time being. This tiny nation is the true friend and we should be more than happy to help them for their needs.

Whoever forms the government post 2009 elections have a tough external task. Hope our citizens realize these facts and vote accordingly.

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  1. உண்மை சட்னி சாம்பார். நீங்க சொன்ன அத்தனையும் உண்மை. அடுத்தவன உசுப்பேத்தி குளிர் காஞ்ச காலமெல்லாம் போயிடுச்சு. நம்ம சுத்தி உள்ளவங்க நல்லா இருந்தாதான் நாமளும் நல்லா இருக்க முடியும்.