7 March 2009

Vijay Mallya wins bid

Everbody in the nation is elated over the fact that gandhji's items are going to come back to india.

But little people realize that those items were bought by a man who is the liquor baron of the country.This is the biggest irony in this whole story.Iam happy that vijay maalya has once again done the job of saving the nation's history.

If gandhiji is alive ,I am sure he would be disappointed over the fact that the money indian's spent on buying kingfisher beer and Mc Dowell's whisky helped us to save his treasures.

Moral of the story:

No prohibition please.. else we cant save the nation's history


  1. I am proud to be the maiden follower of this blog.

    Regarding this article, i enjoyed the moral of the story, though with a grieved heart.

  2. thanks for being my maiden follower.
    hope i can blog better based on ur feed back