17 March 2009


Other day I was watching cartoon network for a change. Tom and jerry, Laurel and Haurdy were all crossing my minds. Flipped the channels to see news. I was continuously reminded about elections and that, apart from Shri Advani and incumbent Prime minister Dr Manmohan Singh, there are a whole lot of serious contenders for the coveted post.

Shri Sharad Pawar has openly said that the nation needs to have a PM from Maharashtra. He could have still bluntly said that he wants to be PM at any cost. Then I realized that he still has to complete seat sharing talks with INC, contest and win elections and his party should have respectable number of MPs to threaten third front or congress to make him prime minister.

Going from west to east, I stumbled at Shri Ram vilas Paswan who heads his party Lok Jan shakti which has a reasonable representation from dalits only in the state of Bihar. Taking this to his advantage he has been sliding either with NDA or UPA, much like shri Ramdoss of PMK. Needless to say he has been union minister for quite some time. He can never contest elections individually knowing well the fact that he can never win except for a few negligible seats. So he has placed the motion that a Dalit needs to head the next government and that he is the best man for the post.

Not very far him is another winner of social engineering concept Ms Mayawati. The state of UP is the highest contributor to Lok sabha. The major contribution of UPto the nation starts and ends here only. The slogan “Road to delhi is through UP” is always valid. Having come to power in the state by a huge margin all alone, she knows that her party is definitely the king maker. So her party men have already started the campaign for the post of PM on her behalf. The third front leaders can’t make any noise at this stage knowing well that the much hyped front will be a zero if she deserts.

Down south things are lazy. The state of TN which was king maker in 2004 is yet to firm up alliances. No body knows where PMK is heading for? Even Mr Ramdoss doesn’t know for himself. So Ms Jayalalithaa has been pretty mute in her demand. She has informed the media that this issue will be decided after elections. Then everybody will know where exactly all the political parties have switched sides.

So my suggestion is, Let us have one Prime Minister and 04 deputy Prime ministers as follows
Prime Minister : ……………..

Deputy PM(North) : Kumari Mayawati
Deputy PM(East) : Shri Ram Vilas Paswan
Deputy PM(South) : Ms J Jayalalithaa
Deputy PM(West) : Shri Sharad Pawar

Any more contenders..

No problem. Indian railways has been mercilessly divided into various zones like central, south central, North western etc. So there are enough zones, vacancies and contenders.

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