17 March 2009


The secular media of the nation would have blasted off if such a thing was attempted by the other Modi(Gujarat CM). The whole issue of staging the IPL at this crucial junction is more than a controversy not required at this stage. None need to explain the fact that the nation is involved in a mammoth exercise of conducting elections from Himalayas to Kanyakumari and kutch to the land of rising sun. This huge exercise involving scores of political parties, leaders and crores of workers is huge by any standards. Remember we are the world’s biggest democracy and need to take pride in participating these elections. Successful conduct of elections peacefully is a key to the nation’s development.

I understand that we are a nation mad about cricket. True if cricket is my religion, sachin is my god. Wonderful if he hits a six against shane warne. No doubt, IPL was a block buster last year. The success is not just because of BCCI, spectators or the franchises. There are thousands of people who are working behind the scenes and never get the due credit or any monetary benefits. Yes iam talking about the security personnel of this country. Be it the armed forces, para military or the state police, they spend tireless days and sleepless nights for us.

Has Mr Modi ever thought of a day’s life of our security personnel. Apart from his routine office work in his police station he now needs to go for the election security. There is no timing for his duty. He comes hours before Sonia, Advani or Lalu come to the stage and leaves the place only after they leave. He stands in the hot sun hours together. No body bothers about his food, water and nature calls. He has to manage everything by himself. And on top of everything you want a series of cricket matches in the middle. Give him some rest man. He is also a human being like us. Sitting in a Air conditioned room you decide the schedule . Putting matches before and after elections just cannot solve this problem. Do I need to explain you that the terrorists can strike at any given place at any given time in the entire world. Of course see for yourself the Mumbai carnage and its aftermath. We are helplessly issuing statements against the Pakistani establishment and flying between Delhi and Washington.

Is it worth to take a risk at this stage? Any untoward incident will again dent the nation’s confidence and will be a huge loss not just for you but for our future cricket in India. We have to keep playing in neutral venues like Pakistan. The cascading effect will be felt on Commonwealth games due after a year. I really sympathize that your financial losses will be huge. But look at BCCI coffers. You are the richest board and your IPL is also recession proof. So let’s have IPL after some time. Putting the nation’s image at stake just for your monetary benefits is not a good option.

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