3 May 2009

Tamil Eelam in India- Not far away??

The country is busy in elections to elect the 15 th Lok sabha. As i see the various issues dominating the poll process, something seems to be missing very seriously. It is nothing but the issue of nationalism and the feeling of India. The issue of electing a strong, non-corrupt and efficient union government does not seem to bother anyone. Power hungry regional leaders have completely hijacked this lok sabha election and made it look like a municipal election.

Let me talk about the issue of Sri Lanka and LTTE in Tamil Nadu politics. Today almost all the parties have gone to the extent of supporting LTTE. Rewind the past to few months back where only the fringe elements like MDMK,PMK,VCK and Periyar Dravidar Kazhagam supported LTTE and its call for separate eelam.

Today AIADMK and DMK have also jumped into the band wagon.DMK was non committal on this issue for sometime. But it indirectly supported these pro-LTTE organisations and its activities for the past few months. The poor law and order situation in TN is ample proof for that.I always admired Jayalalithaa and her bold views on the Sri Lankan issue. She was the one who always boldly expressed her views against LTTE and its call for separate eelam. What is the situation today?

It's completely reverse. She has called for a seperate eelam and has made a poll promise to create by sending the Indian Army if she comes back to power at the center.Her whole concept looks so stupid. People outside Tamil Nadu look the Tamil Nadu politicians like jokers. The indefinite 6 hour fast by the TN CM dented the image of tamilians all over India.The outside people think that all tamilians are eagerly involved in this issue.Not at all. The common man in TN sympathizes for the Sri Lankan tamils.That's it. That's the full stop. He is more worried about power cuts, poor infrastructure and of late his job security due to economic recession. The issue of power cut and price rise doesn't bother TN politicians any more. But the frustration of the common man increases when he feels that he has to select one of the two evils or its alliance partners.

The so called nationalist party called Congress is happy with High command,Manmohan singh,Rahul Gandhi,secularism, CBI and quattrocchi. It is least bothered about the disastrous consequences that events on TN are going to affect unified India later. I fail to understand why the talented and charismatic state congress Leaders like P Chidambaram and Manishankar Iyer are maintaining silence and play double game on an important national issue. Their stunning silence on an issue of a organization which killed a national leader and a former prime minster is not in good taste. BJP is nowhere in TN,but its recent flip flop on sri Lankan issue does not enhance its credibility and its call for stronger India.

The political leaders fail to realize that issue of Tamil eelam is no different from Kashmir issue. In both cases the call is for separate nation through violence and terrorism. In both cases the armed struggle is supported by non state actors. In the case of Kashmir the support is from Pakistan government too. Do not forget that we too trained LTTE.

Nothing stops Pakistan to proclaim that India and its leaders support terrorist activities i Sri Lanka. Nothing stops Pakistan to label the TN leaders as supporters of terrorism. This can be the worst embarrassment for India at any given time in our fight against terrorism. Very few national leaders worry about these. Even if they worry they maintain silence to win votes.

In a few days as LTTE crumbles in its own backyard,violence will be stepped up in TN. Just watch a bunch of idiots attacking our own army personnel and their vehicles.

We are no different from pakistan's Swat valley now.As usual the police are mute witness to the events. Once again i want to emphasis that today the nation lacks a single leader who stands for nationalism. All of them are for playing petty politics, reaping short term benefits and are destroying the pillars of our democracy.

As Eelam dreams fade away in Sri Lanka,time is not far away when the fringe elements will call for a separate nation of Tamil Eelam in India.There may be a call first to rename Tamil Nadu as Tamil Eelam very shortly.All the tamil diaspora settled happily in western countries will welcome this idea and will start contributing money for an armed struggle. Time is not far when the fringe elements who attacked the army in coimbatore will wage a armed struggle against them. Again take it from me, no political leader in TN will oppose this dangerous trend. Congress leaders will be waiting for orders from High command, by which it will be too late. A weak central government would definitely be caught unawares of the developments and a new nation called Tamil Eelam will rise and shock India.

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